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V MAX® is an advanced Nitric Oxide support blend based on Nitrosigine®. This compound has proven to increase artery diameter as much as 30% in a single dose over a placebo and is as much as 5x more effective than AKG alone. AlphaGPC® has been proven to support brain health by increasing oxygenation to aid in concentration, and focus. V MAX is a blend of Vitamins, Trace Minerals, Botanicals, Coenzymes bound in a berry flavor designed to support wellness and recovery.

. V Max may assist with:

  • Energy
  • Athletics
  • Antioxidant Protection
  • Overall Nutritional Uptake
  • Blood Flow

2 reviews for V Max

  1. Dan

    I am really liking the V-Max product! I use the product as a daily supplement and as a pre-workout on the days I go to the gym. The difference with V-Max and other products I have tried is the subtleness of V-Max. V-Max does not deliver a sudden jolt of energy that disappears quickly, but instead gives you a subtle lasting performance throughout the day. After taking this product for several days as a supplement, I just find myself getting more things accomplished! V-Max has made it to where I could stop taking some of my prescription medicine, replaced my pre-workout powder, increased my energy and focus, and will end up saving me money in the long run! These benefits along with the great taste, makes this product an easy choice for me!

  2. David Ser Pleno Ensuncho

    V-Max really helps me with my energy. Since I started using it, I am able to finish my workout routine. I don’t feel as tired as before. I started to use V-Max just to boost my energy during my workout, although I feel that it lasts longer and throughout the day.

    It’s been around 3 months since I tried it the first time, and I am still using it every day with Great benefits.

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